Build data workflows in no time.

Stop wrestling with complicated orchestration engines, repetitive tasks, and local scripting chaos.
Start shipping analytics experiences, pipelines and data apps that move the needle.

Introducing low-code
data engineering notebooks

Notebooks - the perfect canvas for

In, all your work happens in Notebooks - beautiful, rich, collaborative documents that connect directly to your databases and APIs. Perfectly suited for:

Ad-hoc Requests

Self-Service Reporting

KPI Alerting

Deepdive Analysis

Reverse ETL

Data Transformation

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A simple way to build data workflows

Get more people building. In you can create workflows by simply combining SQL, Jinja and APIs - that's all you need to build even complex pipelines.

Create executable tasks via pre-built, visual blocks

Run SQL queries, send or receive data via API calls, plot charts and send emails or slack messages - all in a simple UI. No need to write code.

Use Jinja to parameterize and define workflow logic

Use if/else statements, for loops, parameters and macros to move data between tasks and define exactly the execution logic you need. From simple flows to complex business processes.

Auto-compiles to a DAG. Just schedule & set it live. automatically detects upstream and downstream dependencies, compiles your notebook into an executable graph (DAG), and executes tasks in the right order - on-demand or fully automated on a schedule.

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Move & connect data.
From anywhere to everywhere.

Connect to almost any SQL database and send or receive data from any app that has a REST API - without writing a single line of code. Work with data from all your data sources in one central place.


A data workspace that empowers the entire team

We believe that in order to fully deliver on the promise of data, more people in the organisation should be able to work with data and do data engineering tasks. is a modern data workspace for the entire team to build, ship and share outstanding analytics experiences, pipelines and data apps that move your business forward.

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For Data Consumers

Get answers from data faster. Interact with self-service data apps and even build your own automations to increase your efficiency.

For Data Analysts

Step up your game and start building complex data pipelines and interactive experiences and share them with ease.

For Data Engineers

Spend more time on interesting problems and less time piping data. Standardise through templates and monitor smooth operations.

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