Query.me/n for Notebooks

Query.me Notebooks are versatile documents that consist of pages, which consist of blocks.

  • A Notebook can have any amount of pages.
  • A page can have any amount of blocks.

Notebooks can be accessed in editing and in viewing mode.
Viewing mode is used when you either do not have editing permission, or someone else is currently editing a Notebook.

Editing mode

Notebook in Editing Mode

Viewing mode

Notebook in Viewing Mode

Note: You may not be able to edit a notebook if the permission is not set.
Only owners and admins can delete a notebook.

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Create a new notebook, and click the + to create a new block (or open it via the hotkey [cmd] + [dot])

Block types

  • SQL blocks
  • Chart blocks
  • Parameters
  • Divididers
  • Image Blocks
  • Media Blocks (e.g.: iframe)
  • Text
  • H1-H6
  • Bullet lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Code blocks
  • Blockquote blocks
  • TODO blocks

Add-Block Menu


The Actions menu let's you access immediate triggers of a Notebook:

  • Execute all SQL blocks in a Notebook or Page.
  • Send an entire Notebook or Page straight to Email.
Notebooks Action: Send to Email
Notebooks Action: Send to Email

Toggle the sidebar in any Notebook.

Toggle Sidebar

Document Tab

The Document tab contains an overview over pages and their content.

Use it to create, delete and move pages, or explore their contents.

Document Tab.

Data Tab

Any connected DB will be automatically indexed.

The DATA tab allows you to browse your data, search, preview, and copy pre-written SQL queries.

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