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Build low-code
data workflows, crazy fast. lets you develop data pipelines and analytics experiences in a simple, fast and intuitive way - without compromising on flexibility.

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Simple scripting instead of drag'n'dropping.

We believe code is the best abstraction to work with data and far superior to no-code, drag'n'drop builders. But that doesn't mean you can't make working with code easier and remove a lot of friction.

In you express workflow logic with simple, easy-to-learn Jinja templating, combined with SQL and friendly UIs for common tasks. This results in a powerful, yet low-friction developer experience.


A seamless experience from start to finish.

Once you created your tasks and defined the logic, you just click on run - and that's it. No need to define dependencies between tasks, no installations, no CLI, no hassle. automatically detects dependencies and executes tasks in the right order. And once you are ready to automate, scheduling is just another few clicks and you're done.


A set of powerful building blocks.

Loop over tasks

Use for loops to iterate over a set of tasks dynamically.

Conditional Branching

Run tasks only if certain conditions are met with if / else statements.


Dynamically configure your workflows using parameters.


Build custom functions and reusable snippets using macros.


SQL Blocks

Query databases using a powerful, easy-to-use SQL IDE.


API Blocks

Construct REST API calls using a simple, visual interface.


Message Blocks

Easily send messages to email, slack and other messaging services.



Schedule automated runs of your notebooks with just a few clicks.

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