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Automate and Schedule
SQl Queries.

SQL is more relevant than ever. Keep up with increased workloads by automating repetitive tasks!

Turn your SQL queries into automated workflows in a matter of seconds with Query.me Notebooks.

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Works with your favorite SQL database.
Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery
Microsoft SQL Server
and more
sql automation and scheduling

Work in a modern, easy to use, SQL Editor - batteries included.

Connect your warehouse and work in a powerful, modern IDE:

  • Autocomplete
  • Database Browser
  • Jinja Support
  • Reference Results Across Queries

Go from simple Query to
Orchestrating Complex Query Sequences.

Query.me streamlines your process end to end. From writing the first query to sharing your analysis and to automating your SQL pipelines, you can do everything in one flow.

sql automation sequence

Combine SQL + Jinja + Apps to write dynamic, reusable code.

Power-up SQL workflows with Jinja and an ever-growing amount of integrations.

  • Use For-loops and If-Else to Orchestrate Complex Automations.
  • Reference and Re-use Data anywhere in your Notebook.
  • Send to Email, Slack, Google Sheets, and many more to come...

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